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Medicine Massage
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Heal Your Body …

Problem-Solving Soft Tissue Injuries for 18 Years

Soft-tissue injuries are those that involve muscles, tendons, fascia, and ligaments.  Medicine Massage offers therapeutic massage for the following:

  • Injury recovery
    •  relieve pain and release tension
      • sports overuse
      • too much desk work
      • motor vehicle accidents
  • Pre- and post-surgery balancing
  • Diaphragm, rib cage, abdomen softening
  • Rejuvenation and Relaxation
    • general health improvement
    • flush metabolic waste
    • allow nutrients into the cells
    • calm your neurons
    • enliven your neutrophils

“You’re the only massage therapist that I’ll let touch my neck.”

Please call or text Debra, BS LMT at (719) 221-0338.sign on building

… Heal Your Soul

  • Improve mind / body connection
    • resolve repetitive holding patterns
    • melt away long-standing issues
  • Gain insight into unconscious brain to muscle habits
    • create new movement options – more fluidity, more range of motion – based on new thoughts
    • deepest changes made where they originate
  • Soften the rib cage and free the heart

“Deb’s massage is Amazing!  She’s really different – I feel transformed!”

Please call or text Debra, BS, LMT, to schedule an appointment at (719) 221-0338.  Or email.

Tools in My Toolkit

I offer an integrated combination of therapies based on how your body presents that day of your appointment.  My skill is being present to the muscles “like having a conversation with each part of my body”.  And then respond gracefully and effectively, melting away the tension.

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Soft Tissue Normalization, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Energy Medicine, gemstone energy therapy, etc.